The MUSes of cars and characters are a totally different dimension than with humans, animals or Majikos. The Cars live on Planet C of the Alphabet planets. The way their names work is that they have one name from their culture, one for their model, and one for their make. Only their parents call them by their cultural name.


Ex:Cely's name: Takumi Celica Toyota, but he likes Cely. On Planet C and Haria, cars can talk in either Doudouheadishe or English, or both. They also can drive themselves. Only some cars are owned as "pets" (owned by humans or Doudouheads) on Haria, and on C they are all free. Other cars made by their make are considered extended family, but a family can have more than one of the same model. Let's just hope they have different nicknames!


Takumi- Cultural Name (Toyota= Japanese, =Japanese name) 

Celica- Model Name

Toyota- Make name

Means: A Toyota Celica whose first name is Takumi.