Majikos are a very magical race.Their ancestors, elves, originally come from a planet called Aquahydus in the 3rd quadrant. Hoyrnet had created Aquahydus before Harakcoope but brought the elves to Haria. They are a cross between elves and humans. They are extremely good at magic and sometimes have telepathic powers. They look quite different than humans, and again look like elves. They speak a slightly different variation of Doudouheadishe. Think about it like a Frenchman talking to someone Creole. 


They look like humans with slanted, tiny, catlike eyes. Their eyes can be any color. It usually has something to do with genetics. They are usually taller and thinner than humans, and lead longer lives. 


Mus characters that are Majikos include:

-Aceius Alol

-Stargate Alol Aceius's sister

-Asa Alol Aceius's brother

-Haelo Gold Aceius's cousin

-Aria Alol Aceius's Mother

-Azirah Alol Aceius's Dad

-Shiner Dudududn... the guy the city was named for

-Faryad Kaary The most powerful Majiko to this date


Owl Riders

-Kör - A blacksmith and an owl rider.

-Aïaera - The Queen of the Owl Riders






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