HOYRNET is the leader of all of Haria and the Redstar Galaxy. He is a very large 6 foot tall Great Horned Owl. He lives on HOYRNET's island, off of Gooddoudouheadland and Nothinghland. He has many magical abilities. He has the power to command over all of the species and races in Harakcoope. He has magical items to do this too. This includes HOYRNET's sword and HOYRNET's staff. Go to Harakcoopian Beliefs for the Harian creation story, simplified. To respect him, people write his name in all capitals. His son is Xavier, who is not quite as large. 



Ezekiel is HOYRNET's brother. For a very long time, he was captured by the a band of villains and was taken to the infamous EBOV, the secret volcano bank deep in Baddoudouhead territory.  He was then rescued by HPYE and Chris who MUSed and eventually got him home. He is now the ambassador of Harakcoope on the frontier. 


Phynyx is the ruler of all of the universe. He is the father of HOYRNET, and created all of the universe, including Harakcoope and the rest of the Redstar Galaxy. Most people pray to him, the major religion on Harakcoope is Phynyxiasm [Fe-Neesh-ee-ism]. He is only a legend now, but perhaps he still lives...

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