Fora (chemical) is a still-tested substance that expensive,high-tech harian ships/enterprises used to transmit crystal-clear messages through a ship. Fora is very expensive, about $370,000 for one gallon. The goverment usually pays for the occasional accident including loss of Fora. Fora is made by :

Fermenting Doudouhead/Human Nerve energy liquid trasmittor.

Adding a highly reactive (Harian) electron to this,(Ezlo-Mach1)that allows the(fermented) nerve transmittor to react in hamony with the ship.

Fora was discovered when scientest Morfin Hirefin Harpotsten was using newly lab-made electrons which were very reactive,

and legend tells he went to the restroom as his gas bottle test exploding and causin somehow nerve transmittor to mix with theEzlo-Mach1. Coming out seeing the mess,he saw the mix of transmittor and Ezlo-Mach1. He saw it as a new substance,and analyzed it, making Fora.

There is also an updated experement of Fora known as Fora-1.1-Trandimond, or Tora.