The Story Of Janae

Let me just tell you this now: Hoernland has more than a few problems. Just imagine a country totally run by people from age 0 to 13. Crazy, huh? This is because Hoerns are baby Hyaeiwws who live there until they are 13 years old. Go to the Hoerns page to learn more.  Well, just recently, some of the Hoerns were not agreeing with the current Emperor Hoern. They were saying he had too much power over them and decided to start a riot to leave. They gathered up at least 335 Hoerns against the huge (comparatively) amount of other Hoerns (~399,665) and began to really bother the other Hoerns about changing their ways.


Well, that was all around 2 years ago, but the emperor Hoern and the other Hoerns finally had enough. He decided they could leave, but just with enough food and water with a huge raft to find some land eventually. They were tired and starving when they finally hit some islands. They named it Janae after the lead Hoern in the group, Janjan. They survive on catching fish. But, unfortunately even the Janae Hoerns broke up. So they made 2 settlements on different islands: Eione and Sone. Sone is a lot smaller on a smaller island. HOYRNET declared Eione capital after flying over to negotiate.


All of this rioting and breaking up happened in late 2014. Janae is Haria's newest country, and the only island nation. Janae has started to prosper and become much more advanced than mainland Hoernland. There are plenty of resources on the main island where Eione is, and Sone is doing ok as well. The main island is called Jhanja and the island where Sone is is called Cesonye. Janaean Hoerns are very different than the other Hoerns because the Hoerns on the mainland do not know that when they are 13, they will disappear and appear in Hyaeiwwland with their family. In Janae, some expeditions off of the island accidentally found Hyaeiwwland! Now the Janaeans know their fate and cannot work against the magic that they will turn 13 and go to Hyaeiwwland. 



Janaeans are very different from normal Hoerns. As they were leaving, they decided to find out if there was any other Hoerns or other civilizations in the world. Hoerns are not allowed to know about Hyaeiwws and that they will go to live with them when they turn 13. But the mischievous Janaeans led expeditions from Janae, and eventually found out about the Hyaeiwws! This came as a huge shock to HOYRNET that they knew about something that they never should of known. HOYRNET came to Hoernland and told the other Hoerns that they should not pursue the other Hoerns who left. The Hoerns did not want to anyway, so that was that. The complicated part was making sure word of the Hyaeiwws did not get to the Hoerns from the Janaeans. HOYRNET cast a spell that made it so that any Hoern, if they were told, they would forget it within a few hours. 


The Janaeans have decoded that when they become Hyaeiwws they will return to Janae and some will stay in Hyaeiwwland and have kids. They are unsure about if when they have kids with another Janaean, will those Hoerns appear in Hoernland or Janae? The adult Janaeans are trying to get word of this issue to HOYRNET so they can figure it out.