The Orange Species

Inside each core city there is a variation of the species on the planet that make a living on the Core City; the only exceptions are that on the Alphabet Planets that is not true, and only Orange Doudouheads live on Terracore. They are called the Orange species. They usually do something to help the heavy industry of the planet; and also sometimes are not treated as well. 


On Terracore, there is a fairly large city called also, Terracore that has a population of about 25,000. These workers have special protective homes and they work at a place called the Incinerator. They are called orange because they have an orange coating of crust around themselves, before the skin. This applies to all species on Core Cities. Go to the incinerator link to learn more. On Gemmus there is a diamond-destroying facility a lot like the Incinerator. But since the invention of the Lyghtspeedlaze Galactic Teleporte 1.0 that has been slowed down considerably.  The Teleporte enables Gemmus and the Gemmolicks to send excess gems to Haria to sell. Most of these gems are made by these Lyghtspeedlaze Hoverstart GemCars which run on any gem except diamond. Every so often, the spit out a diamond to be sold, but if it is not wanted it goes to the facility. There is also an Incinerator on Diamott


On Caldoplata there is some Rock Spiders digging, amazingly, far enough down to get to Sayhojan and settling there. They are in the process of migrating there since it is much hotter and they feel more protected from some recent visitors from Jaelean trying to discover there. There is also no mantle of magma between the core and crust on Caldoplata, so that makes it MUCH easier for them. Rock Spiders are durable to extreme heat but not to magma!