Sekko's Story (Old writing!)

Now, Sekko is in self-exile for a deed he did himself. (He chose to ban himself). Let me tell you the story. A long time ago, Sekko was the child of the two astronauts living  in a place where Keile is settled now.. At first all the astronauts did not know what to do to make money with the Doudouheads. As you know, a Doudouhead's life goal is to get fatter. So the astronauts grew cocoa beans and made lots of money by selling it at the village fair. So they were very happy there. But they saw that the Doudouheads ate only the fattiest most disgusting to-a-human chocolate. Sekko suggested that they make a store in Icelasheese. Now, none of the astronauts agreed with Sekko who was 16 by then, but did give him a small amount of money to open his store with. He started making various kinds of fatty chocolates. But he found that the most popular chocolates were a block of fat with a cocoa layer on top; and a block of milk chocolate with a fat layer on top. These have wrapper that look like Doudous. Because the Doudouheads are not very intelligent, they might think the wrapper is a real Doudouskin. So on the wrapper it says 


Sekko's Chocolate Store was making Sekko very happy and rich.

Sekko had heard of the emperor of Harakcoope-HOYRNET. After a time this came to him "What can I do with a billion Zeeka?" (1 million Dollars)

But with his store he was always selling out because of the popularity. So he decided to seek a different place to grow his cocoas. He had only a very small place to grow it here. One day soon after that he found an old Doudouhead who looked like he wanted to sell his cattle ranch. Sekko asked the Doudouhead if he could use the property of his ranch for growing cocoa. The Doudouhead didn't agree but then agreed to allow him to use a small part of his ranch. Sekko got about 7 acres. The entire ranch was about 25 acres.

So Sekko started planting lots of cocoa on the ranch. But he needed a while to wait long enough for the cocoa to mature enough to grow the actual cocoa grains. Soon he wasn't selling out as fast. But soon the word of Sekko's chocolate store was getting around Icelasheese. So Sekko needed more land to make his cocoa on. He once again asked the now very old Doudouhead if he would sell his ranch to him. The Doudouhead said yes. So Sekko planted lots and lots and lots of cocoa on his big 25-acre ranch. Sekko almost never sold out then. Sekko decided he wanted to explore an unknown part of the Redstar, while having a co-owner help with the business as he was on his trip. That's what happened. After a month of preparation, Sekko was boarding a newly-bought space cruiser. The trip was fine until Sekko discovered a very sparkly planet.* It was such a sparkly planet he named it Gemmus. As he explored Gemmus, He saw the "dirt" of the planet was gems. (Diamond,Ruby,Amythyst,Emerald and sapphire).He wondered if 

there was any inhabitance on Gemmus. He found animals he named Gemolicks. It was very interesting there. For info on the Gemolicks, go to the 'Gemolicks' page . Then he had a idea. he would bring the Gems on Gemmus to Harakcoope,and sell Doudouforms and people things for only a piece of the ground! (in Gemmus of course) This worked INCREDEBLY! Far better then is old shop ,which he closed. but doudouheads from Mychia alike where becoming jelous of Sekko's 6.5 Sextillion Zeeka. ( 3.25 Trillion Dollars) That's when Sekko's war started (SWI) Started; This caused the split of Mychia into the jealous Doudouheads, Baddoudouheadlandians, and the nice ones, Godoudouheadlandians. It later made a similar righ Dyroryyakk do the same thing with an old country that was both Dyroryyakkland combined and Nethohingland combined. The second Sekko war started when Sekko got all greedy with this newfound blue variation of Gemmolicks. He started taking more and more, and they got so angry they started to attack him. So, he went to a strange, unknown place far far away...


This might sound confusing. The verdict is, Sekko made lots of money, got greedy, started a war, felt guilty, and ran away.                                   









*Remember,this was in history, people did not know about Gemmus yet. **The writing is very old, I plan to update it soon!**