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In Haria, quite a few languages are spoken. Doudouheads in Good and Baddoudouheadland speak Gooddoudouheadishe and Baddoudouheadishe. They also may speak a bit of broken Harian. These are dialects of Doudouheadishe. Humans mostly speak Doudouheadishe, but usually speak Harian fairly well. Hoerns speak Beepa, and usually only that because they are so isolated, but Janaeans are an exception, this is explained here. Hyaeiwws speak Sÿmarsounkd and usually few words of Harian. They also speak a bit of the Hoerns' language, to help their children when they first arrive back from Hoernland. You can learn more about their journey at the Hoerns page.  Nethohings should not be expected to speak anything other than Skcreeckesk because of their extreme isolation. Dyroryyakks speak Doudouheadishe.  


Harian: (Written Sample)

Harian is a dialect of English (which they call the Ancient Language) but is not exactly the same. There are different expressions and words. Example: Idiocracinity: The act of being the most idiotic of anyone. If you perform idiocracinity, you are called an idiocracinitist. This is very impolite. Harian also has modified spelling rulles compared to English. If you would like to see some Harian written compared to English, click >here< . Harian is the "universal" language of Harakcoope, and all citizens (apart from Hoerns and Nethohinghs) usually know some.


Doudouheadishe: (Written Sample)

Doudouheadishe is a fairly easy language to learn for English or Harian speakers, but it has many silent letters and strange accents. It is extremely confusing in that it used to be that this language changed every day. About 20 years ago, some permanent words were installed to get around with. With magic you used to go to Language Church and get the new language implanted in your mind. There was rebellions on how this was ridiculous and finally, about 11 years ago, this began to fade. In 2010, the  Language Church tradition was stopped for everyday use. 


Beepa: (No Written Form)

Beepa is a language used by the Hoerns to communicate. There is no written language, and it is composed of just beeps and peeps and other soft sounds that Hoerns make. Humans do not usually have the capability to speak this language because it is so hard to tell the beeps and peeps and other small, soft sounds apart and while "beep" may mean "I love you", "beeep" may mean "I want to kill you!" So, this would be very hard, not to mention extremely frustrating. Doua and Slfoa are closely related to Beepa, they are the languages used by the Doudous and Slofos (Foons and Sloons).


 Sÿmarsounkd: (Written Sample)

Sÿmarsounkd is a language used by the Hyaeiwws to speak. There is a written language, but is composed of extremely complex symbols and shapes, that don't seem too have any pattern. Humans may be able to speak this language fluently, but it would be difficult. The spoken language is composed of sounds such as "Haaw" or "Aaaw" or "Hsaawh". 


Skcreeckesk: (Nethohingh Script Sample)

Skcreeckesk is a language used by the Nethohinghs. It is made up of sounds that are like screeches and wails. Very little is known about Nethohings in general. Humans do not have capability to make the kinds of shrieks heard in Skcreeckesk. Skcreeckesk does have an interesting written counterpart, N'sresk (Nethohingh Script). -Nethohingh Script uses an alphabet similar to Harian's or Doudouheadishe's but its connection to the sounds in Skcreeckesk is poorly understood. (By anyone other than the Nethohinghs, a very secretive community.)