This is a Hyaeiww
This is a Hyaeiww

Hyaeiwws [Haaws] are 2' tall approximately. They weigh approximately 1/4 lb. They speak Hyawwisedatis [Haaw-ee-se-detish]. It changes every day. The Emperor Hyaeiww says the new language of the day whenever he feels like it. Recently, Raremountainhyaeiww (the emperor) changed the language, so that it can be written. The written language is a series of symbols, for each Aaw the Hyaeiww gives. An Aaw is the sound of a Hyaeiww. It is called Sÿmarsounkd. The letters are called Pinksönds. There is a phonetic translation to english letters. Henri in translation is Hkaryih. The Piknsönds are supposedly how the sounds look.


The current Emperor Hyaeiww is Raremountainhyaeiww who currently lives in the country of Hyaeiwwland in the city of Litcole. (The capital).


Hyaeiwws are made of Doudous, literally. The scollops on the Doudou fold to form a 'crest' and it looks a bit like the enterance to a tuba. But, the complicated thing is, a Hyaeiww needs a Doudou. The Doudou lends a bit of its color and living force to the Hyaeiww, so that the Hyaeiww looks like a folded Doudou, but it is not. A Hyaeiww without a Doudou looks like a Hyaeiww, but it has no color and is transparent.


Since Royal Doudous do not posess as much power as normal, Common Doudous, Royal Doudous must fold into a Hyaeiww or a Hoern, since they cannot spare enough power to give to the Hyaeiww. Each scollop is reserved for each Hyaeiww or Hoern. Another way to explain is:


The way this works is that the Doudou hosts the Hyaeiww in itself by folding its scallops into a fold called a crest. The Doudou momentarily becomes the Hyaeiww, then the Hyaeiww takes a bit of the Doudou's magical powers and becomes itself. The Hyaeiww now looks like a folded Doudou.


Above: A Hyaeiww