The Creation Of The Redstar Galaxy and other Harian Myth

At first, there was only Phynyx,* [Fee-niks] the only living thing in the univese. All alone, in everlasting blackness. Phynyx was very lonely, but he had the power to create. First, he created Harakcoope, and he put life and water on. Then he created all of the rest of the Redstar Galaxy. This was the first 2 hours. Then he created owls and Doudouheads, and all other living things on Harakcoope. Then he created The First Elf (elves are almost like Majikos, just Majikos are modern-time elves), Shiner. Shiner created a place to live, called Shiner. And Phynyx saw he was lonely. So Phynyx created the rest of the elves, and Shiner created a home for them. After that, the population just grew.Phynyx created all of this in just 5 Hours. Harians wake up at midnight, pray to Phynyx and Shiner, then sleep.


 Phynyx, who was still lonely , created an owl to be with, Roseretta. Eventually, they had Hoyrnet and Ezekiel, who took care of the land until Ezekiel was captured. Hoyrnet eventally mated with Rubia, and had Xavier, who lives at HPYE'S house currently. The other elves went to live on Aquahidus. Rubia was killed in the legendary Lyhgo Hoyshu battle thousands of years ago. Phynyx is now just a legend, but perhaps he is still alive far, far away....


*Phynyx is the ancestor of all living things and was a huge owl. We aren't sure about his color/species. 


The legend continues until it comes to the legend of the Lyhgo-Hoyshu battle, the infamous battle where Hoyrnet made his one and only mistake as a ruler. Xavier, Hoyrnet's son, was also injured. A poem was written by Hoyrnet first, and then the legend emerged and got passed down by oral tradition.