JeaLeabolt [Gee-le-bolt] is Lyghtspeedlaze's brother. They don't like each other at all and fight every time they see each other. There is a competition between them to see who is best.


JeaLeabolt has several inventions:

  1. Addicting spell -- makes you want something over and over
  2. Gloves (just like his brother's but not for same usage) which is shooting lightning.

He has many other inventions not neccesarily used for good; He has a company called Jaelean. They seem to be a bit more.... intrusive to wildlife, like on Caldoplata than L.T.


Verdict: Jaelean is not as popular as L.T (Lyghtspeedlaze Technologies) and is mainly used in Baddoudouheadland. They make flying saucers, but they are called Orrina instead of Saucerstart.