Harian or Harakcoopian?

Let's get what we know straight. Harakcoope refers to the entire planet, while Haria refers to only the continent of Haria on the planet of Harakcoope. Since Haria is the only landmass on Harakcoope, it would make sense that the demonyms 'Harian' and 'Harakcoopian' would be interchangeable. 


It has become more and more popular, especially among young inhabitants of the planet, to refer to themself as Harian. It the shorter and more casual way to say it. On legal texts, or in books, 'Harakcoopian' is almost always used unless in dialogue. Older, or more old-fashioned people may say 'Harakcoopian' more often. 




Harian Spelling and Grammar

While on this topic, I will discuss the many spellings of the special planet that this website is all about. The archaic spelling 'Harækcoupe' has fallen out of usage and is only found in old books. The spelling 'Haraekcoupe' is also no longer used. 'Harakcoupe' is sometimes still used, but the modern spelling 'Harakcoope' is vastly more popular.


On this website, I now only use 'Harakcoope', though around the site, on old pages, you may still find 'Haraekcoupe', or 'Harakcoupe' from earlier years.  This website was made long after 'Harækcoupe' was still used. 


These names of places, people, and planets: They were all created during a time when the language of Doudouheadishe was still not entirely standardized. So, the spellings are sometimes inconsistent. There are two main groups: Old Spelling, and Simplified spelling. Old spelling consists of the usage of full Doudouheadishe words in Harian texts instead of replacing them with an easier Harian word. Some examples of Old Spelling are:

  • Dou Dou Head
  • Bad Dou Dou Head
  • Harækcoupe
  • Dou Dou
  • Good Dou Dou Head Land

Some Examples of New Spelling:

  • Doudouhead
  • Baddoudouhead
  • Harakcoope
  • Doudou
  • Goodoudouheadland

What led to this change was 1) the standardization on Harian languages, meaning they no longer changed every day, and 2) the inability to use needed words. For example, it took awhile, but the government of Goodoudouheadland realized they didn't have an official demonym. They had been living in the ignorance of thinking that just referring to everyone inhabiting Gooddoudouheadland could just be referred to as a Goodoudouhead. Well, no. There are Doudous, Majikos, Humans, Fyzoons, Sloons, and even Hyaeiwws living in Goodoudouheadland. It is a very cosmopolitan country. The only real option was 'Goodoudouheadlandian'. Spoken, it sounded fine. But there was questions over how it was written. Was it supposed to be written Good Dou Dou Head Land Ian or Good Dou Dou Head Landian? Wait, isn't Landian a Doudouheadishe word? This is confusing. Exactly. With the implementation of 'Gooddoudouheadlandian, (and Baddoudouheadlandian, etc.) caused the rise of the New (Simplified) Spelling.


Note that 'Gooddoudouheadland' and 'Baddoudouheadland' are the Harian translated names for the countries. This problem arose when Hoyrnet implemented Harian as the Haria-wide language.