Sloons & Fyzoons


Sloons are essentially Fyzoons. Just bigger. They have almost have identical D.N.A. just bigger. A sloon is about 30 ft long and 15 ft wide. Fyzoons are about 4 ft long and 2 ft wide. 

  A sloon is just like a enormous body pillow,just alive and goes "WOOON". A Fyzoon has same charicteristics,exept size.



#1 issue Sloon and Fyzoon colors

A rare color for only female sloons & foons is pink orange. A rare color for male sloons & Foons* is turquoise. Only male sloons & foons can be turquoise and only female sloons & foons can be pink orange. If a turquoise  and a pink orange mate, there is a 1/800 chance the child will be a extremely rare silver sloon or foon. If two silves mate, there is a 1/1,000,000 chance a RB** sloon or foon will occur. In Harakcoope, there are only 1000 silver sloons & foons.  There is only 1 RB sloon (and no RB foons yet). The RB Sloon happens to be HOYRNET's Sloon.


#2 issue are Sloon and Fyzoon colors random?


     No. The color of the Sloon / Fyzoon is determined by the color of the parents mixed. That's a lot of brown Fyzoon, eh? NO!! For a strange reason, there is no black or brown Foons/Sloons. For every black or brown Sloon/Fyzoon, this creates a purple one. So, purple is the most common color, like the image shown.


Issue #3 Fun facts.

The Slofo***'s ears are the most precious part of its body. It has all its senses and its brain. A Sloon or Foon without its ears is DEAD! All Sloons and Foons are very careful of their ears.  If you do not know what I mean, here is an example: My Fyzoon is always talking about ears and how amazing they are. ("Hi foo! [me] "EATH!!!!! you wike me eathz? EATHZ") Now do you get it? ;) But mostly they are very nice.


 Also learn about an even larger member of the Oonidae or Slofo family, the Oceanic Sloon!


Appearance is as above.

 *Fyzoons are often nicknamed Foons.|| ** RB Rainbow Striped Fyzoon or Sloon|| ***sloon/foon abbreviation.