Hoerns [Horns] are baby Hyaeiwws. They are approximately 6'' tall and weigh 3 oz. They live away from their mommies in a different country. They never get to visit because of some unknown force that keeps them away. They would love to visit but they can not. But...when a Hoern turns 13 they just appear and arrive in Hyaeiwwland. They then become Hyaeiawws.


Their language is a series of beeps (called Beepa) that change every day*. The oldest Hoern is the Emperor Hoern who gets to say the new language.

Hoern's names are usually squeaky names. The only translated one is PyePye [PeePee]. This name is unusual because PyePye has a virus that makes him not be able to say beeps just peeps!


Hoerns are a lot like Hyaeiwws, just ONLY the crest of the Doudou in a small tube shape. They use hosts, just as Hyaeiwws (See Hyaeiwws, paragraph 3-5 for more info). When a Hoern is born, it disappears in a flash, to be reunited with its family in 13 years. also, the mother and father decide on a Hyaeiww name for the Hoern, but do not tell this to the Hoern until it comes to them when it is 13. The Hoern gets a Hoern squeaky temporary name until it comes to Hyaeiwwland. Hyaeiww names are either color or number names. If it was born on a weekend, it gets a color name, if not, a number name. They end in "it". Ex: Blueit and Thirtythreeit.


The same thing happens with Hyaeiwws and Hoerns, with the Doudou folding into them or lending them power. See Hyaeiwws for details, paragraphs 3-5.


*The language changing every day has mostly stopped, see Languages, the paragraph about Doudouheadishe for more details. The same applies to the Hoerns' language. 


Hoerns live in Hoernland which borders Hyaeiwwland. The capital city is Livil


Also, learn about the Hoern "state" Janae