Please note - **The name of this animal comes from the French word Doux, which means soft.**

A Doudou can be seen being thrown in the site header.

 To a human from Earth, a Doudou would look like a blanket, that perhaps could fly and talk, but there is much more to them than you would think...


Doudous are  the main makeup of Harakcoope [Hara-coope] land. They are found on a lot of the animals who live here, such as Doudouheads.


If you would ever see a Nethohingh [nothing], they would look exactly the same as a Doudou -- they are identical except for their personality. Nethohingh are very screechy and mean.


The diet of a Nethohingh is different from that of a Doudou.  And they are not the same animal just because they happen to look the same.


Doudous are a lot like blankets with scollops. They come in all colors, and their names always have -Dou in it. 


Most Doudous fly. Royal Doudous cannot. That's why they are such popular pets.  Royal Doudous have the name of their human on them. Since Royal Doudous do not posess as much power as normal, Common Doudous, Royal Doudous must fold into a Hyaeiww or a Hoern, since they cannot spare enough power. Each scollop is reserved for each Hyaeiww or Hoern.


The way this works is that the Doudou hosts the Hyaeiww in itself by folding its scallops into a fold called a crest. The Doudou momentarily becomes the Hyaeiww, then the Hyaeiww takes a bit of the Doudou's magical powers and becomes itself. The Hyaeiww now looks like a folded Doudou.


Doudous live all around Harakcoope, especially in less densely populated areas such as Hyaeiwwland or Hoernland.




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