Dyroryyakks [Daro-wacks] are very mysterious. We think they are about 5' tall. They weigh approximately 500 lbs.


We do not know much about Dyroryyakks. They are very secretive and they speak Doudouheadishe like the Doudouheads. We do know that they are baby Doudouheads.


They have a leader named Clappen Saren who is a Dyroryyakk, but he is old enough to be a Doudouhead, but he can never reach 1000 pounds for unknown reasons. When a Dyroryyakk reaches 1000 pounds by eating fat like Doudouheads, he/she moves to either Goodoudouheadland or Baddoudouheadland, depending on what Clappen thinks. 


They live in metal, bullet-proof houses (very ugly) that have big locks on the doors that look like a ship's wheel (the kind you steer with) because they have secret meetings in their houses. A Dyroryyakk looks like a small Dou Dou Head (5 FT) . 


They are overall like small Doudouheads, but with a secritive nature, because Clappen Saren is very strict on not being influenced by visitors, as to if you will become a Gooddoudouhead or Baddoudouhead.


Note: This paragraph describes Dyroryyakks in a very traditional sense. Dyroryyakks used to be like this -- very secretive, but Clappen Saren has recently opened up and that has lead to the expanse of the capital city, Youbenal, that is now the most advanced city in Haria. It probably has surpassed Keile, the capital of Gooddoudouheadland by now.