Harakcoopian Geography

Haria is split into few large countries,Gooddoudouheadland where the Good Doudouheads live, Baddoudouheadland,where the Baddoudouheads live,Nothinghless,where the Nothinghs live, Hyaeiww land ,where the Hyaeiwws live, Hoernland where the Hoerns live, Dyroryyakk land where the Dyroryyakks  live. There is also Terramys, where the unexplored territory is. "Population" means Humans, Doudouheads, Hyaeiwws, Hoerns, Doudous, Fyzoons/Sloons, Nethohinghs.


Population & Capital List: (Rough Approximate) | Map | Total Population of Harakcoope: 828,725,335* 


  • Goodoudouheadland: Population 400,000,000, Capital Keile, population 38,000,000. Size: 12,000,000 sq. miles
  • Baddoudouheadland: Population 220,000,000, Capital Dekale, population 5,000,000. Size: 12,540,000 sq. miles
  • Nethohinghless: Population 900,000, Capital Begilitcomonand, population 645,000. Size: 1,000,000 sq. miles
  • Dyroryyakkland: Population 206,000,000, Capital Youbenal, population 920,000. Size: 1,000,000 sq. miles
  • Hyaeiwwland: Population 1,350,000, Capital Litcole, population 430,000. Size: 7,000,000 sq. miles
  • Hoernland: Population 450,000, Capital Livil, population 23,000. Size: 6,000,000 sq. miles
  • Janae: Population 335*, Capital Eione, population 225. Size: Not yet mapped
  • Terramys: 0+ tribes (It is suspected that a few indigenous Majiko tribes live here)

Gooddoudouheadland is composed mainly of plains in the middle, deciduous forest in the north, and desert in the far south. 

Baddoudouheadland is composed of ice plains and glaciers.

Nethohinghless (Nethohingland) is composed of mountains, some up to 50,000 feet. It never reaches above freezing. 

Dyroryyakkland is made up of smaller mountains than in Nethohinghless, and is densely populated. 

Hyaeiwwland is made up of high-altitude forests and big mountains. There are no roads through it.

Hoernland is made up of forest, desert and plains, with cold climate.

Janae is made up of marshlands and swamps and reeds. 

Terramys is made up of jungle and other biomes. (It is the mostly uninhabited area.) 


*Includes Orange Species on Terracore


If you are confused, Haria refers to the land, and Harakcoope refers to the planet. More on this >here<


Top 5: Major Cities by Population (Rough Approximate) |Map| Based on 2014 census


  1. Youbenal, Dyroryyakkland - 41,537,212
  2. Keile, Gooddoudouheadland - 37,482,989
  3. Leo, Gooddoudouheadland - 11,254,859
  4. Dekale, Baddoudouheadland - 4,899,711
  5. Hyeinos, Hyaeiwwland - 1,100,022

Other Major Cities (Population, Rough approximate) | Map |

  • Trend, Gooddoudouheadland - 834,364