Nethohinghs [Nothings] are very mysterious. We think they are approximately 2'3'' and weigh 2.5 lbs. They are very scary. If you upset or surprise one, or just talk to one, they will make a blood curdling screeeeech! (That's their language: Skcreeckesk [Skree-chisk].) Nethohinghs look almost exactly the same as Doudous, except their temperament is very different, as you may have gathered. 


 They live in Nethohinghless [Nothing-less] which is a country entirely composed of huge mountains up to 50,000 ft tall. They make their towns in mountains, such as their capital, Begilitcommonand,     made in a cavern home to more than 400,000 Nethohinghs.


Note: Again, like the Dyroryyakks page, this is a description of Nethohinghs in a very traditional sense. Though Nethohinghs have not changed as drastically as Dyroryyakks in the last couple of decades, the image of them all being 'screechy and mean' is probably not accurate. This is probably how Doudous perceived them. They are rarely visited, but recent MUSes have found them kinder and more courteous than the stereotype suggests.