Please note: This article is very old, and these are just a few examples of Lyghtspeedlaze's inventions.

Lyghtspeedlaze is JeaLeabolt's brother (but they do not like each other at all). He is a person with LOTS of crazy inventions:

  1. Gloves that have electricity that comes out whenever he wants and grabs what ever he wants .
  2. Little roundish thingy (inside gloves) that does many things. This feature is protected by many codes that must be entered to activate it.
    • Detects people who are not being nice
    • Shoots red lasers that blows things up
    • Shoots green lasers that heal people
    • Reads minds -- to see what the bad people are trying to do
    • Follows people to track them

3.Boots that have electricity (not sticky) that makes him go the speed of light (just as his name suggests).


He has many other inventions, such as the 'Start' companies to make spacecrafts; Saucerstart Hoverstart and Enterstart; He has 4 experimenting bases:  1 in Goodoudouheadland, 2 in Hyaeiwwland, and one under the ocean off the coast of Baddoudouheadland. He has a company called Lyghtspeedlaze Technologies. (L.T), which provides most of the technology in Harakcoope. Its headquarters are in Hyeinos, Hyaeiwwland.