The Incinerators

The incinerator is on Terracore. There is also a much smaller one on Diamott. The diamond destroying facility is a specialized Incinerator. On Terracore The Incinerator's job is to burn all of Haria and the A-Z Solar System's pollution, trash and any other unwanted stuff with no kind of pollution from BURNING that stuff. Sounds silly, a fire and no smoke, but Lyghtspeedlaze Technologies are doing their job as best as can be. The only problem with that is that the Orange Doudouheads  are complaining about being worked too hard and need a fund to get a bigger Incinerator from L.T.. HOYRNET says that in the meantime while they are earning their money to get a new Incinerator, he will try his best to cut down on trash and pollution.


 HOYRNET will encourage companies he starts or others start to do that; HOYRNET has helped by starting Hoyrnet Court Defense (he insists no capital letters in the name ) to help Doudouheads in court about mistreatings of the Orange Doudouheads. After all, it's The Harian Supreme Court's decision. Cars like imported Dodge Challengers cry in a corner*.


Some companies such as Orion Motors have been founded to 'not hurt Doudouheads' and produce electric vehicles.  L.T. says they are developing a new Incinerator at a good price. 


*too much pollution!